The Bon-Ton’s success is the direct result of the efforts, dedication and contributions of our associates. We are committed to building a culture and environment that reflects the communities we operate in. We serve a diverse array of customers and our associates mirror the diversity of these communities. The more diverse our family of associates is, the greater our ability to serve our customers.

To support our company initiatives we must build and promote an environment that supports inclusion and diversity. Diversity describes the many differences in people in the world around us. Inclusion is the acceptance of those differences and appreciation for the value that others add to our world. These differences can be defined by race, color, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, sexual orientation, physical abilities, age or religious, cultural or political belief. By understanding our diversity we begin to practice inclusion, realizing that differing backgrounds give way to differing ideas and opinions that, in the end, bring out the best in all of us.

How do we do this?

The Bon-Ton views workplace diversity as an organizational strategy that focuses on our greatest assets, our associates and customers. Talent management, succession planning, associate development, communication, and customer advocacy are all integral parts of this strategy. Reaping the benefits of a diverse workforce entails not only recognizing our differences but setting aside outdated notions, but understanding that when we respect individuals for who they are, we foster a culture of inclusion and creativity that leads to improved productivity and mutual success.

The Bon-Ton is committed to establishing a culture of diversity as a business principal. Diversity is not about getting most people to fit into the culture, but about developing the culture around the diversity that exists. How associates think and how their opinions impact their ability to get along with, influence, and work with those around them is what matters.

Join the Bon-Ton Family and you will see how committed we are to serving the communities we operate and embrace diversity as one of its valuable assets.