Life at the Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.

Multiple Bon-Ton store fronts


When you come to Bon-Ton, you'll be embraced by a culture that celebrates being a mid-sized retailer. We're not too big. Not too small. We're just right. "The Right Place to Work," as we like to say. But what makes our organization the right place for you? There is not one easy answer since what some value may not be seen as important to others. In the end there are some common values that affect everyone and how they feel about where they work:

  • what they do and accomplish
  • who they work with
  • who they work for

The common element among all three of these job satisfiers is people - more specifically the way people in an organization are treated, valued and recognized. Through company values that encourage respect and demonstrate true appreciation for the unique differences of each individual, we strengthen our culture and create an environment in which each associate is recognized for his or her contributions to the business. At Bon-Ton, you'll find a culture that embraces the individual - the values and needs that make this the right place for your career.


Here's something that makes us very proud. Did you know that at Bon-Ton, the average tenure of our associates is more than 5 years? That's unheard of in the retail industry, but not surprising to us.

Why do associates stay? Because we're different.

We're big enough to offer challenging careers like other retailers. We know that each of our associates has something unique to contribute: different interests, skills, dreams and ideas. And we encourage those differences because that’s what drives our creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and our success.

Many retailers want to brag about how big they are, but that's not always a good thing for the local customer or an individual associate. At Bon-Ton we know that bigger isn't always better. We work hard to stay close to the individual communities in which we live. As we've grown, we've kept individual store names because we respect the history and value the customer loyalty found in each of our name plates. But we don't stop with the local customer. We provide a work environment and a career path focused on the individual as well.


The Bon-Ton’s success is the direct result of the efforts, dedication and contributions of our associates. We are committed to building the “Right Culture” to support the Company’s key business strategy of making our organization the “Right Place to Work” by building and promoting an environment that supports inclusion and diversity.

Diversity describes the many differences in people in the world around us. Inclusion is the acceptance of those differences and appreciation for the value that others add to our world. These differences can be defined by race, color, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, sexual orientation, physical abilities, age or religious, cultural or political belief. By understanding our diversity we begin to practice inclusion, realizing that differing backgrounds give way to differing ideas and opinions that, in the end, bring out the best in all of us.

How does The Bon-Ton become the “Right Place” by embracing diversity and practicing inclusion?

The Bon-Ton views workplace diversity as an organizational strategy that focuses on our greatest assets, our associates and customers. Talent management, succession planning, associate development, communication, and customer advocacy are all integral parts of this strategy. To reap the benefits of a diverse workforce entails not only recognizing our differences as far as race, gender, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, sexual orientation, physical abilities, age or religious, cultural or political belief as examples; but to set aside outdated notions, and recognize that when we respect individuals for who they are, we foster a culture of inclusion and creativity leading to improved productivity and mutual success.

The Bon-Ton is committed to establishing a culture of diversity as a business principal. Diversity is not about getting most people to fit into the culture, but about developing the culture around the diversity that exists. How associates think and how their opinions impact their ability to get along with, influence, and work with those around them is what matters.

Get to know us. Discover the difference in the people of Bon-Ton!