Logistics & Distribution Center Jobs

Our Distribution Center(DC) teams are located in five facilities and serve over 260 stores. Our team makes sure all of our products are received, processed and send to the retail stores and eventually our customers’ hands.

Whether you are working in shipping & receiving to prepare goods and products for shipment or material handling & processing where they are responsible for unloading merchandise from the vendors and loading merchandise to be delivered to the stores, you are a part of the customer experience.

The returns team is responsible for processing store returns, set up return shipments along with corresponding purchase orders while maintaining accurate follow-up and proper documentation.

As part of the eCommerce team, you will assist with fulfilling orders from our website, by picking and packing the item to be shipped quickly to our customers

On the management team, you will be responsible for overseeing all activities used to process new merchandise received and deliver it quickly and accurately to our stores. This team manages the vendor audit process of cartons from receiving while maintaining production, quality, and safety standards. There are supervisors in the Distribution Centers that oversee a specific area of operations. Their main focus is ensuring that operations in their area run smoothly, so that our products are received, processed, and shipped to our stores without any issues.